#CreatingSpace: Introducing Dear Landing

Alex, Miranda, Ellie
April 1st, 2020 · 2 min read

At The Landing, the concept of #CreatingSpace is central to everything we do. Our homes are our sanctuaries: the backdrop to our most joyful moments and the manifestation of our most heartfelt values.

Now, we’re living in a time where home is as important as ever. For many, home has become not only the place we retreat to, but the place that houses (quite literally) most of our lives. We’re using our spaces in more ways than we ever have — from work to play to rest — and facing the many challenges of #CreatingSpace in close quarters.

Over the next few months, we’re excited to introduce you to the tools and products we’re building to empower you to design your ideal home space, especially during these novel times. Later this week, we’ll be launching our new content series, “Dear Landing,” which explores the idea of #CreatingSpace. We’ll dive into topics like using space to create new routines at home, creatively using small spaces, and creating a home workspace from what you already have.

For us, “space” encompasses more than just our immediate surroundings, and this series reflects that. We’ll explore the three major ways we think about #CreatingSpace:

  • Physical Space: At their best, our home spaces are reflections of ourselves: our values, our ideas, and our passions. In reality, the gap between how we envision our space and how it actually comes together is often bigger than we’d like. Through our Physical Space series, we’ll help address common problems in creating your physical space so you can move from aspiration to reality. From creative use of what you have to rearranging something new, this series explores the basics for creating your home.

  • Mental Space: Our immediate physical world impacts our mental world, and vice versa. Our mental space series will look at ways to use what is around us in the outer world to shape, encourage, and express our inner worlds. The mental space series helps you create the look and literal  of your home space.

  • Shared Space: Sharing space brings both the happiest of memories, and occasionally, the most frustrating. Our Shared Space series explores how we create and navigate our home spaces with others. From dinner parties to tricky roommate situations, we’ll dive into what space looks like with other individuals involved.

#CreatingSpace is better with friends which is why we’re excited to invite all of you to co-create this series with us by posing the questions most relevant to you. Facing a tricky space problem? We’d love to help. Send your questions directly to us at dearlanding@thelandinghome.com or DM us on Instagram @thelandingsocial.

Yours in #CreatingSpace, 

The Landing Team

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