Dear Landing: How Can I Create a Romantic Lockdown Date?

Miranda Roehrick
May 19th, 2020 · 2 min read

Dear Landing,

My boyfriend and my anniversary is coming up, and I want to surprise him with a creative quarantine date but I’m out of ideas. How can I create a romantic date night at home??


Love Locked Down

Dear Love Locked Down,

Even though it can feel difficult to organize a fun date night at home, there are ways to turn your space into a movie theater, day at the “park,” or even your favorite restaurant if you get creative enough! We’ve been loving the challenge of creating new spaces or vibes within our homes depending on the occasion, and we’re so happy you asked so that we can share some ideas!!

1. Movie Night

One idea is to surprise your boyfriend with a “screening” of his favorite movie! If you’re up to spend a little cash, you could purchase a projector, and hang a sheet to make a home theater (could even be outside if you have a deck that has access to power)! Alternatively, setting up a home theater in the living room works great too.

Turn the night into a true experience by printing some movie tickets and making some popcorn (bonus for getting some hot dogs, and classic movie candy - Milk Duds anyone??)! If you REALLY want to go all out, you can purchase the movie poster or cutout to go at the “entrance” to your theater!

2. “Park” Date

You can also set up a cute picnic in your backyard, roof, balcony, or even on the floor of your living room if you don’t have access to an outside space! Make a basket of your favorite snacks and goodies, bring a portable speaker, and pop some champagne to make it festive.

3. Re-create Your First Date

If possible, you can re-create your first date from home by “going out” to dinner at the restaurant you first went to together. Do a quick Google search to see if you can download/print the restaurant’s online menu, and either order in from there or re-create the meal yourself!

4. Oh You Fancy, Huh?

Get dressed up like you’re getting ready for a true night out! Enjoy your dinner, and then go into the living room for a dance party (maybe organize this on night when a favorite artist is live streaming so it feels like a real event)!

5. Double Date

Set up a double date with friends, and turn it into a virtual dinner party! Keep it light and fun, and remember our ABC rule - keep conversation topics to ANYTHING BUT COVID!

There ARE ways to keep the romance alive from home, we just have to get a little creative. Have other ideas? Send them our way!

We’d love to see how your date nights are going! Let us know @thelandingsocial or via writing at

Yours in #CreatingSpace,

Miranda and The Landing Team

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