Office Layout Rules of Thumb

Miranda Roehrick
August 7th, 2020 · 3 min read

Dear Landing,

With the prospect of working from home for the next 12 to 18 months, I’m looking to turn a spare room into a home office space. Do you have any tips for setting up/laying out an office?



Dear Lena,

Absolutely! Now that this “new normal” is feeling like a long-haul situation, we’re in full support of creating a WFH space that truly supports productivity and comfort! Turning spare rooms/areas into home offices is definitely top of mind for The Landing team right now, and we are excited to share how we think about setting up our workspaces with you! See below for more:

Desk: Let’s talk desks! As arguably the most important piece in your office, paying close attention to your desk set up is key. On average, desk sizes usually range from 48”-60” wide and 28”-30” high, so we use this measurement as a benchmark. For ergonomic and comfort purposes, we like to leave 23”-30” between the desk and chair.

Chairs: Again, with chairs - comfort and ergonomics are key!  We recommend checking for lumbar support options for optimal back support and health. Side note - remember to get up and take breaks! Even if just to walk around the room while on a call!

Furniture Spacing: As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to have 30” between furniture you walk around and 14”-18” between coffee tables and other accessorized furniture. This helps give your space flow and keeps it from feeling cramped (and prevents stubbed toes)!

Art: As a rule of thumb, the center of art should ideally be placed at eye level, 5’ to 6’ from the floor.  This is an especially important one to pay attention to if you’re above or below “average” height - it’s easy to base art placement off of your own eye level, but the space will look best if you pull out the tape measure for this one!

TV:  If you choose to have a TV in your office, it’s best to space the TV and sofa 7’ apart. The center of your TV screen is best placed at eye level from the seated position on the couch, so that of course is dependent on the height of the couch and its distance from the wall. Eyeballing this placement is ok!

Side tables: As a rule of thumb, side tables should not be deeper than the depth of the sofa! You’ll know you have the spacing right when the table is close enough to set a drink down without looking over.

Okay! Now let’s dive into some different layout options that you can browse/get inspo from based on what you need most out of your office.

Layout A - The Collaborative Work Space:  This layout is the perfect conversation and collaborative work space - the daybed, oversized coffee table, double desk, and  two chairs create a space for optimal productivity. It works well if you place your desk(s) near natural light, to boost mood and work efficiency.  We love having a space that we can use to socialize when the work day is done!  Layout B - The Executive Suite:  This layout is the perfect executive suite work space -  the floating desk is great for meeting with clients face-to-face. It works well if you align the cabinets and storage along the walls to maintain a clean minimal style. We love having a space that allows us to really concentrate and focus! Layout C - The Multipurpose Work Space:  This layout is the perfect multipurpose space with the double desks, two chairs, sofa bed, media unit, oversized coffee table and built in storage. It works well if you use this space for working and relaxing- the cozy sofa bed is a great place to take a quick nap, read or watch TV. We love having a space that doubles as a home office and guest room!

We hope that this gives you some good inspiration for designing your own WFH space! Remember, if you feel stuck in the design process, or have ANY questions at all, you can reach out to The Landing Support Team via email at

And let us know how your design layouts are turning out! We’d love to see your designs from The Landing AND your IRL spaces @thelandingsocial or via writing at

Yours in #CreatingSpace, Miranda & The Landing Team

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