Bedroom Layout Rules of Thumb

Miranda Roehrick
September 11th, 2020 · 3 min read

Dear Landing,

I’ve been so focused on designing and perfecting the shared live spaces in my apartment, I’ve kinda neglected my bedroom even though I love to spend time in there! Do you have any tips for bedroom layouts? I’m feeling a little stuck…



Dear Emily,

We totally hear you! It’s easy to spend most of our energy designing the spaces that we share and host in, like our living rooms, and leave our bedrooms as an afterthought. We believe that our personal spaces are extremely important to our wellbeing, and we’d LOVE to help you find the perfect layout for your bedroom! Let’s jump into some basics first:

Bed: We recommend measuring your room before choosing a bed. As a rule of thumb, you want to leave at least 3” feet of space around the bed including the frame, so be sure you account for that when you pull out the tape measure!

Headboard: For a twin bed, the headboard should be 14” above the top of the mattress. And for a full, queen, or king bed, the headboard should be 29” above the mattress.

Bed Frame: Generally speaking, bed frames that are lower to the floor give the appearance of more space. Again - generally - lower frames are more contemporary and modern while higher bed frames are more traditional and glam. We recommend deciding on the general aesthetic of your room, and making sure whichever bed you choose fits that feel, since it will be the largest piece in the room and centralize most of the focus.

Dresser: A typical, good size dresser is about 60-72”  wide and 17” deep. When finding the perfect spot for your dresser, you’ll want to be sure to leave enough space for easy access to open the drawers, etc.!

Mirror: Adding a mirror to your space will help the room appear larger - be sure to place your mirror strategically; i.e. the reflection should be visible, but not distracting, and you’ll want to be sure it won’t catch the sun from a window and create glare .

Side table: We recommend placing your side tables as close as to the bed as possible without looking cramped.  Spacing is best when close enough to set a drink down without looking over.

Rug: As a rule of thumb, be sure that your rug is large enough for the legs of your bed’s footboard to rest on the rug’s edge.

Art: Ideally, place the center of art at eye level, 5’ to 6’ from the floor.

TV: As a rule of thumb, the TV and bed should be 7’ apart. Grab the tape measure to be sure!

Okay! Now let’s look at a few layout options that you can get inspo from based on what you need most out of your bedroom:

Layout A - The Versatile Bedroom  This layout is the perfect versatile bedroom - two end tables, a desk, a corner reading chair and a central media unit with built in drawers.  It works well if you have space to add a long bench at the foot of the bed, which is both aesthetically pleasing and convenient. We love having a bedroom that functions for more activities than sleeping!  Layout B - The Spacious Bedroom This layout is the perfect open and spacious bedroom - the angled corner mirror visually doubles the space in the room.  It works well if you have an awkward corner to fill it with a small reading nook with a chair, side table, and a floor lamp.  We love having a space to read, drink our morning coffee and get ready for the day or night! Layout C - The Cozy Bedroom This layout is the perfect cozy bedroom - rather than shoving the bed fully against the wall, be sure to leave a little space to give the illusion that the room is bigger.  It works well if you only use one major furniture piece per wall to make the space feel less cramped . We love making the most out of our smaller bedroom space!  Hopefully this gives you some good inspiration for laying out your bedroom! Remember, if you feel stuck in the design process, or have ANY questions at all, you can reach out to our Landing Support Team via email at We’re here to help! 

And let us know how your layouts are turning out! We’d love to see your designs from The Landing AND your IRL spaces @thelandingsocial or via writing at

Yours in #CreatingSpace, The Landing Team

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