Changelog: Tuesday, 10.19.21

Miranda Roehrick
October 19th, 2021 · 2 min read

The Landing is a digital space for visual curation, and we’re working against an aggressive roadmap to bring it all to life. Welcome back to our changelog (published bi-weekly) for you to track our updates, both big and small.

We had a BUSY sprint this cycle - partially because we extended this sprint from 2 to 3 weeks due to our first in-person team retreat in NYC (!!), and also due to the fact that our Product and Eng teams both gained new members (welcome Crandall and Ellen!).

Dig into our updates below; mostly focusing on your experience within The Landing RE: sharing and engagement. The updates tagged as “internal only” are only available to TL team members, but we wanted to give you a sneak preview into what’s coming into beta next! Thank you so much to our amazing community for all of the thoughtful feedback, as always.

  • ✨ Mentions are live in comments. Find your friends and tag them in comments! Note we are iterating on the UI of results. Currently you will see a mix of who you follow and other users that match your search query. [Internal only]
  • ✨ Share on other social networks from public board page. [Internal only]
  • ✨ Add ability to flag a comment on canvas page. [Internal only]
  • ✨ QR code for desktop users in the sharing flow. From the public board, click the share icon and try using the QR code to open the board directly on your mobile phone. [Internal Only]
  • ♻️ All public links to board now use shortened URL. The URL that you click through on the feed is shareable.
  • ♻️ Boards in my boards are sorted by last updated.
  • ♻️ AMD (aka asset meta data, or notes/links) updates! Comments and AMD are now simplified into one modal. Action cards will show if any piece of AMD is filled out. Editing is also consolidated into one modal. Test it out and see exactly how your Action card will look in real time!
  • 🐞 Action cards no longer cutoff on small screens
  • 🐞 Profile_WasFollowed firing fixed
  • 🐞 Remix from featured page now takes you to workspace
  • 🐞 Board links with emojis don’t break
  • 🐞 Count of boards published event fixed (only fires first time)
  • 🐞 Fixing special characters in mentions
  • 🔧 Add data event for Load More on Feed

Access to some new features is in closed beta - sign up here if you want to join our testing crew!

Thank you so much for being part of The Landing family!

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