Shoppable Moodboarding with Bryana!

Miranda Roehrick
October 6th, 2021 · 1 min read

Meet Bryana Schuyler, an early Landing community member who uses The Landing for all kinds of creative projects. Today, Bryana is showing us how she’s been making promotional content for both her and her boyfriend by creating actionable moodboards!

The ability to link directly to her site and her boyfriend’s site makes marketing new content much easier - and allows her to show how well the shirt from her Deepop goes with her boyfriend’s tote bag. Learn more about Bryana and her moodboard below!

1. What are you #creatingspace for in your life right now? “I am creating space for ease, for slowing down, and giving myself more room to explore my curiosities.”

2. How has The Landing supported you recently, or helped fuel your creativity or projects you’re working on? “The better question is how hasn’t the Landing supported me?

The Landing brought a bunch of trapped ideas to light by removing the need to work with other, more cumbersome, moodscaping systems. It allowed me to help encourage others whether it was making an interior design moodscape for a friend’s new apartment or showing my mom a new way to create promotional content for her business.

Beyond the usefulness of the tool itself, though, The Landing community is one of the most expressive and encouraging groups of people I’ve encountered and in a time when many of us spend a significant amount of time in our homes and in our covid ‘bubbles’, that has been everything!”

3. Tell us about your moodboard! “My moodboard puts a bunch of amazing new Landing features to the test! My goal was to create an Instagram story asset that could direct people to some projects my partner and I are working on. With The Landing’s actionable moodboard, I could link to both my partners’ website where he sells his art and my vintage Depop store. I also utilized the new type tool to layer text for a background.”

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