Dining Room Layout Rules of Thumb

Miranda Roehrick
October 22nd, 2020 · 2 min read

Dear Landing,

As the holidays approach, I’ve been thinking a lot about my dining room and I’m feeling like it needs a refresh. Any tips or ideas for dining room layouts?!



Dear Amber,

We’re so glad you asked!! Whether you’re a social diner, a formal diner, or making dinner in a small space - we’ve got you. Ahead, you can browse our favorite dining room layouts, just in time for the holidays!

Now let’s EAT:

Round vs Rectangle Tables: The first thing to decide on is your table shape. Round tables are great for square rooms, small space, and can fit more people because there are no corners. Rectangle tables are more traditional, work well in open concept spaces, and can accommodate benches which can be great for kids or large, casual groups!

Dining Table Spacing: The next thing to think about is your spacing. We recommend leaving36” between the table and furniture, and leaving 42-48” between the table and walls.

Dining room chairs: As a rule of thumb, your dining chairs should be 24” apart and usually 18”-20” high and 16”- 18” deep.

Rug: We recommend leaving at least 36” from the edge of the table to the edge of the rug, and if possible, the rug should be 12” from the wall. Typically rugs under a dining room table are 24-30”.

Chandelier: As a rule if thumb, the chandelier or lighting should be 1/2 to 1/3 the width of the table and should hang between 30-34” above the surface of the table.

Art: The center of art is ideally placed at eye level, 5’ to 6’ from the floor. If you are above or below “average” height, we recommend paying closer attention to this -since your eye level will also be above or below average, it’s best to grab the tape measure!

Alright! Now let’s explore some different layout options that you can browse/get inspo from based on what you need most out of your space. Let’s take a look:

Layout A: The Social Dining Space  This layout is the perfect social kitchen and dining room- maximizing the seating with bar stools and a long rectangle dining table. It works well if you choose a pretty table that can be used for a large desk, game table or serving appetizers. We love hosting cocktail hour and big family style dinners!

Layout B: The Formal Dining Room This layout is the perfect formal dining room - dedicated to one thing: dining. It works well if you get a large dining room table with extendable leaves that allows you to fit more people. We recommend choosing different style chairs for the head and side chairs to break up the formal vibe. We love throwing dinner parties or hosting for the holidays!

Layout C: The Petite Dining Room This layout is the perfect small space kitchen and dining room with all the classic elements- a basic kitchen, table, chairs, and storage. It works well having a round table to squeeze in extra seating. We love how a small space can’t keep us from having the glam cocktail hours or dinner parties! We hope that this gives you some good inspiration for laying out your dining room for the holidays! Remember, if you feel stuck in the design process, or have ANY questions at all, you can reach out to The Landing Support Team via email at hello@thelandinghome.com, or by chatting them directly from your Landing account! No question is too small. We’re here to help!  And let us know how your layouts are turning out! We’d love to see your designs from The Landing AND your IRL spaces @thelandingsocial or via writing at dearlanding@thelandinghome.com. 

Yours in #CreatingSpace, Miranda & The Landing Team

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