Home Office Revamp with Chelsee

Miranda Roehrick
September 10th, 2021 · 1 min read

Meet Chelsee Adams, Fort Worth-based Creative Consultant, who has been using actionable moodboards on The Landing to support her home renovation and furnishing projects. Making boards by room, and adding notes, prices, and URLs to each product has streamlined the planning, saving and iterating process of big home projects that can often feel grueling. Below, Chelsee shares an example of how TL has made her home projects more MAGIC!

Meet Chelsee and check out her office board below:

1. What are you #creatingspace for in your life right now? “My biggest personal project right now is planning our backyard wedding! My home renovation has been conveniently looped into the wedding planning process, since we’ll be getting married at home. I love making our home as cozy as possible, and creating time for cooking and antiquing as much as I can.”

2. How has The Landing supported you recently, or helped fuel your creativity or projects you’re working on? “I have a goal to create something visual every day - I work as a Creative Consultant - and The Landing really supports that for me. It’s also been really helpful in planning my home renovation/furnishing…as you can see from my office board :)”

3. Tell us about your moodboard! “Here, I’ve pulled together some of my must-haves from my home office update - my hope is that it will support anyone looking to revamp their WFH set up! Being able to add links and notes to my board is SO helpful, especially when friends ask for recommendations…love it!”

REMIX Chelsee’s board to add or swap items to make it your own!

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