Party Planning with Greta!

Miranda Roehrick
September 24th, 2021 · 1 min read

Meet Greta Bergin, TL’s TikTok Lead! Recently, Greta and her roommates have been planning their group bday party on The Landing!

The ability to add notes, links, and see how everything will look together is a gamechanger for party planning, especially if you’re planning with a group. Check out Greta’s decorations moodboard and cake moodboard, and read more about how she’s been using The Landing to plan for her party below!

Screen Shot 2021-09-24 at 11.13.51 AM
1. What are you #creatingspace for in your life right now? “Right now I am creating space to celebrate with my friends!! I’m using The Landing to event plan for an upcoming birthday party I am hosting.”

2. How has The Landing supported you recently, or helped fuel your creativity or projects you’re working on? “The Landing has been super helpful in planning this event because the actionable board features make it super easy to visually plan all of the decorations and various items I need to purchase for the party. TL has also allowed me to create a vision board for how I want the event to actually look like.”

3. Tell us about your moodboard! “The board I created is an example of one of the boards I am making for the event, where I am inserting images of various decorations my friends and I would like to buy. It’s definitely not the ~vibiest~board I have ever created, but it’s cute and practical. I can send the board to my friends so that they can remix it and add more decorations or they can buy decorations directly from the board!”

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