Changelog: Tuesday, 9/14/21

Miranda Roehrick
September 14th, 2021 · 1 min read

The Landing is a digital space for visual curation, and we’re working against an aggressive roadmap to bring it all to life. Welcome back to our changelog (published bi-weekly) for you to track our updates, both big and small.

This cycle, we’ve been working against improving upon our most exciting release yet - actionable moodboards! Thank you so much to our amazing community for all of the thoughtful feedback, and check out some iterations we’ve already made below.

  • Auto-generated action cards. We are now generating action cards by default for any item that has a URL (at a minimum) in actionable moodboards. The Action Card modal is now simplified to show a preview and allow the user to add, edit, or remove a note. All other fields will be set by default from the data entered. This change is retroactive so any boards that have been published with data, but have been missing action cards, will now have them for all items with a url! Note: this was a quick turnaround based on the release feedback so would love extra eyes on this feature.
  • URL bug fix. We fixed the issue where if a user entered a url without “http”, the url opened within The Landing and now as a new page. For example, if the user entered, the clickthrough would be to This is now fixed and a new tab should open for all urls.

Access to some new features is in closed beta - sign up here if you want to join our testing crew!

Thank you so much for being part of The Landing family!

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