Changelog: Tuesday, 5/11/21

Miranda Roehrick
May 10th, 2021 · 2 min read

The Landing is a digital space for visual curation, and we’re working against an aggressive roadmap to bring it all to life. We’re excited to introduce our changelog (which will be published bi-weekly at minimum) for you to track our updates, both big and small.

This cycle, we’ve been hard at work shipping updates for account navigation and organization, along with improvements for board sharing, and beta testing for adding hyperlinks and metadata to assets on your boards that will allow for more interactive visual planning, and eventually: discovery 👀

See details below.

  • Organize your boards into Collections instead of Workspaces. The boards in your Landing account are now organized by collections! You can name those collections by category (think folders), and then curate all related content within that space. Additionally, one board can now belong to multiple collections. This allows for hyper-organization, and more control over your space - yay!

  • Improvements to your boards home page. We’ve updated your boards’ homepage UI to be easier and more fun to navigate. You can now create a new board with just one click of a button.

  • Beta testing for adding hyperlinks and metadata to assets on your boards. We are very excited to begin beta testing this feature, which is aimed towards making your boards richer with content and more actionable. This feature will allow you to add metadata (aka hyperlinks, tags, and personalized info) to your boards which will support visual shopping and planning (bye-bye spreadsheets), curated travel plans, wedding planning, styling/outfit building, road-tripping, photoshoot inspo, design work, dreaming, vibing, and anything and everything in between.

  • Friendly formatted links for sharing your boards. When you click “share design” in your board editor, we generate a link that you can easily share with your friends and followers. We’ve shortened the link format, and updated it to include your username and board title for a better experience. Keep sharing your boards on social :) (and don’t worry, your existing shared links will still work retroactively!!)

  • Various bug fixes. We are committed to solving bugs the community is facing as quickly as possible. This cycle, we resolved some issues around board creation and modifying the board editing tools. If you discover bugs while using The Landing, please let us know!

Access will be in closed beta for the next few weeks - sign up here if you want to join our testing crew!

Thank you so much for being part of The Landing family!

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