#CreatingSpace for Social Design: Announcing our $2.5M Seed Round

Miri Buckland, Ellie Buckingham
February 25th, 2021 · 3 min read

The Landing is building the next favorite platform for the passion economy: a tool where creative spirits can design together.

By Ellie Buckingham, Miri Buckland, and Greg Egan Co-founders of The Landing (www.thelanding.app)

Today, we’re so excited to re-introduce you to The Landing and announce our $2.5M seed round, led by Cowboy Ventures.

This time last year, we found ourselves a couple months away from the launch of The Landing, a new one-stop-shop to furnish and set-up your home. However, the circumstances of the past year tested and evolved our original vision of #CreatingSpace. We’ve spent countless hours with our users and team online exploring this vision and while we’re no longer physically moving our customers into their homes, the original spirit of The Landing remains: enabling and empowering your creativity.

The Landing is a social design platform that empowers everyone to create together. Our mission is to empower and enable the creativity of our community through an intuitive, fun, and social platform. We believe the future of product discovery is social, experiential, and creator-led. We provide our community with the tools to discover, remix, create and connect over fully customizable moodboards.

View Moodboard 1

From the moment we met the Cowboy team last fall, it was clear they shared our vision. We are delighted to welcome Aileen Lee to our board as part of this new financing. “For the past few years we’ve seen a proliferation of apps, from Figma to Patreon, serving the passion economy and have been waiting for the right team to launch a new community inspired by Polyvore, Pinterest, Figma and Canva — that’s where The Landing comes in,” she shared. “Cowboy is excited about the team’s vision to empower everyone to be a designer and to create a tool that combines the inspiration of Pinterest with the usability of Canva.”

In our view, creative visual expression should exist across platforms, not just within them. Our creators are discovering on Pinterest, curating on Instagram, and creating on TikTok. On The Landing, we bring this all together - creators are able to design interactive, shoppable, and inspiring moodboards that are product-centered. We see ourselves as not only enabling, but extending our users’ already rich creative lives.

View Moodboard 2

Sitting at the intersection of consumer, design, and tech, we’re thrilled to be backed by some of the most prominent angels in each space including Dara Treseder (CMO of Peloton), Mariam Naficy (Founder and CEO of Minted), Ethan Eismann (VP of Design at Slack), Manish Chandra and Tracy Sun (Founders of Poshmark), Dan Kim (Founder Red Mango, COO Getaround) Stanley Tang (CTO of Doordash), Siqi Chen (Head of Growth at Postmates, VP Product at Zynga) as well as Unshackled Ventures, Dream Machine, Designer Fund and Progression Fund. Additionally, we’re thrilled to also officially announce Airbnb-alum Greg Egan, who joined us as CTO last fall, as a co-founder.

We see our tool as the natural extension to a creator’s creative process and the next favorite platform for the passion economy. We’ve been excited to see early enthusiasm from designers of all kinds - from full-time interior designers and DIY influencers, to the after-hours creator looking to launch her small business. For our older users, we’re filling the gap Polyvore left. For our younger users, we’re taking the creative functionality on their favorite design apps one step farther. In the coming months, you’ll see us build more and more for creators, for discovery, and for self-expression. We’re excited to launch our profile & social feature set later this spring, and will be exploring everything from micro-payments to in-platform shoppability in the future to eventually help our creators monetize their creative talents and passions.

We’re more passionate than ever about the power of design and the opportunities it brings to creators all around the world. We can’t wait for you to join us on this journey and to start #CreatingSpace together. You can access our updated tool here and start creating today.

Ellie, Miri, and Greg Co-founders of The Landing

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